Sabine Ostrowski

Sabine Ostrowski


Sabine Ostrowski is the | (MDFA). She is an experienced optometrist, a graduate of the University of Melbourne and currently completing her Master of Public Health (UNSW Sydney).  Driven by a strong interest and passion for public health, Sabine moved from a career in clinical practice to the not-for-profit sector to drive and improve public awareness of eye health and the causes of preventable blindness.

A dedicated and evidence-based clinician and educator, Sabine is excited by the expanding role that MDFA is pursuing into health professional education.

In 2022, Sabine was invited to Chair the Vision 2020 Australia Prevention and Early Intervention Committee because of her clinical knowledge, public health interests and leadership in preventative eye health. She is also a committee member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee for Vision 2020 Australia.

Sabine is a member of Optometry Australia, the Australian College of Optometry and the Apellis Pharmaceuticals Geographic Atrophy Educational Steering Committee.