Julie Rodman

Julie Rodman


O.D., M.S., FAAO | Professor- Chief, The Eye Care Institute – NSU Florida

Retinal Grand Rounds & Diseases of the Vitreomacular Interface.

Retinal Grand Rounds:

Understand plaquenil toxicity including the recommended guidelines for care of patients.

Be knowledgeable about Sickle Cell Disease including ocular manifestations, disease classification and ocular management of this disease

To be able to recognize, diagnose and properly manage/ co-manage Macular Telangiectasia Type 2

Be familiar with the application of multi-modal imaging in the diagnosis and management of various retinal-choroidal disease.

Diseases of the Vitreomacular Interface:

The participant will be familiar with the normal aging process and be able to identify abnormal vitreous behaviour.

The participant will understand how OCT is useful in the management of diseases of the vitreoretinal interface.

The participant will be familiar with the classification and identification of macular holes, VMT, and VMA.