Recent advances in cataract surgery

25 Aug 2019
12:45 pm - 1:15 pm

Recent advances in cataract surgery


Presentation on are the main advances that have been made in cataract surgery over the nearly 40 years that he has been involved in the subject. Participants will be able to see the really significant progress that has been made over this time: covering such topics as lens design, surgical evolution, and biometrical measurement and calculation. They will also be able to understand why a patient might not be satisfied with their outcome and what might be done to rectify this situation as well as be given some indication beforehand as to what type of approach to cataract surgery will be suitable for one patient but maybe not another. The importance of the optometrist/ophthalmologist team will be highlighted and a glimpse into the future will be given.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the advances in lens design, surgical evolution and biometry developments in cataract surgery
  • Have a good idea as to why a patient may not be satisfied by their surgical outcome and how this might be rectified
  • Help to identify which type of patient is suitable for what kind of implant and work with the ophthalmologist to realize patient expectations
  • Get some idea of where things are heading in the realm of cataract surgery