Enhancing Outcomes Through Cataract Co-Management

23 Aug 2019
8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Enhancing Outcomes Through Cataract Co-Management


In this talk we will discuss the importance of communication and collaboration in planning cataract surgery with the ophthalmology team.

Things like target refractive outcomes will be detailed for spectacle wearers and importantly in planning and stabilising the cornea and ocular surface in RGP and soft lens wearers. This includes the added challenges encountered in keratoconics, corneal grafts, RK and post laser refractive corneas.

When to select a toric IOL vs monofocal IOL or multifocal IOL and the added planning that relates to high myopes, aphakes, high astigmatism, are added considerations.

Binocular vision status, ocular surface and dry eye, biometry, refractive state and habitual correction, monovision, multifocals and related considerations will be detailed.

The relevance of patient ocular and genetic history, potential risks and existing pathology will also be explained.

Information that surgeons find beneficial will be highlighted as will post-op management, ongoing monitoring of potential or existing pathology and recalls. Managing post-op symptoms such as discomfort, ocular surface inflammation, asthenopia, anisometropia, flashes and floaters, CME (CMO), retinal detachment, dysphotopsia and PCO will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

Delegates should come away from this talk with plenty of take-home pearls to implement in practice following the conference: They will have a better understanding of the information required, the plethora of IOL options available and core considerations. Participants should be able to better understand the principles of therapeutic medication management