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CooperVision® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses offering a full array of daily disposable, two-weekly and monthly contact lenses featuring advanced materials and optics. CooperVision has a strong heritage of solving the toughest vision challenges such as astigmatism and presbyopia; and offers the most complete collection of spherical, toric and multifocal products available. Through product innovation and focused practitioner support, the company brings a refreshing perspective to the marketplace creating real advantages for customers and wearers. Today CooperVision® products are sold in over 100 countries, improving the way people see all around the world.

Alcon is the global leader in eye care. As a division of Novartis, we discover new ways to enhance sight and improve people’s lives. We have done this successfully for 70 years, through innovative products, partnerships with eye care professionals and programs that create greater access to quality eye care.

We are proud of our highly specialised & experienced staff providing professional sales, service and support for a complete range of reputable ophthalmic equipment.

Our extensive product range includes Automated Nidek Auto Fundus Cameras, Chairs & Stands, Smart Refractive Systems, Automated Multifunctional Ophthalmic Instrumentation including the Tonoref III 4-in-one, a full range of Lens Edging Systems…and so much more.

We supply Optovue OCT models including our compact self-contained fully automated voice guided economical iScan model to the Avanti XR Advanced model with 3D microvascular retinal imaging and AngioAnalytics….seeing is believing.

The SmartScope PRO hand-held fundus camera is perfect for the practitioner requiring compactness, versatility & portability at an affordable price.

See our latest Slit Lamp imaging products and options to perfectly suit your requirements and budget.

We look forward to demonstrating our latest products at TLC 2018.

The Carl Zeiss Group is a leading group of companies operating worldwide in the optical and opto-electronic industries.  Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, Carl Zeiss is represented in more than 30 countries, with around 30 production sites and 50 sales and service sites around the world.

Visit the ZEISS stand at TLC 2018 to learn about its latest ophthalmic technologies including the CLARUS 500 true-colour ultra-widefield fundus camera and the new SITA Faster software on the Humphrey Field Analyser, which reduces test times by up to 50%.

In late 2017  Gelflex and Australian Contact Lenses, two great Australian companies, merged and became one.

For optometry, the amalgamation means that Gelflex/ACL can now offer an extensive range of designs and materials to our customers.

With a combined service to industry of over 70 years, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience available to assist you with your contact lens needs.

Gelflex/ACL have a comprehensive range of soft and RGP custom designs including Torics/Spheres, Bifocals/Multifocals, Limbal Lift, Reverse Geometry, Keratoconic and the RoseK family of products.

Add to this our highly successful selection of Ortho-K lenses which includes the Emerald and Nightmove designs, means we can cater for most of your Ortho-K needs, which will assist you in building your business.

Along with our range of “Practitioner Own Label” disposables including silicone hydrogel material, Gelflex/ACL is the only company manufacturing disposable lenses in Australia, and we now have our Softclear range available, along with the Enhance, Retro and Classic.

Be sure to visit us at our stand or contact us at info@gelflex.com or aclorders@gelflex.com for further information.

Since inception in 1978, Designs For Vision has continually expanded to now provide services throughout Australia and New Zealand to a wide range of medical and para-medical disciplines. The company is now represented throughout Australia and New Zealand with our main offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We provide assistance to Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Ophthalmic Nurses, Orthoptists and Dentists in education programs wherever possible. We also participate in surgical workshops wherever surgical magnification is required and the Designs for Vision/Keeler surgical loupes are currently the market leader in Australia.

In 1996 the first Designs For Vision products were exported. Currently we are exporting a total of seven Australian designed and manufactured surgical and diagnostic products throughout our network of contacts worldwide. Designs For Vision provides technical service and support in Australia and New Zealand through our highly trained Service Engineers. This enables us to fully support our wide range of products from more than 50 suppliers around the world. We are proud of the great success we have achieved since inception. In 2015 Designs For Vision became a major part of the Paragon Care Group. This will allow us to grow and better serve our partners and customers into the future, with increased resources and access to new skills, technologies and products.

Optos devices produce ultra-widefield optomap® images of approximately 82% or 200of the retina, something no other device is capable of doing in a single capture. An optomap image provides a bigger picture and more clinical information which facilitates the early detection, management and effective treatment of disorders and diseases evidenced in the retina. Optos is committed to utilizing the latest technology to manufacture new products and software that supportoptomap as a standard of care therefore helping eyecare professionals around the world save sight and lives.  Furthermore the company continues to strengthen its clinical evidence and expand its disease indications to demonstrate the importance of imaging the entire retina.

OptiMed is an Australian owned, fully independent wholesaler of ophthalmic diagnostic/therapeutic instruments and pharmaceuticals. We are committed to providing quality products and excellent service.

Commencing business operations in 1988 and expanding operations in 2001, Optimed now service Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Orthoptists, Ophthalmic Nurses, Optical Dispensers and Hospitals.

OptiMed have representation in Australia and NZ . Our products are TGA and WAND approved.

LASERSIGHT – Pioneers of Lasik in Australasia

Laser eye surgery vision correction and Lasik specialists offer safe and up-to-date refractive procedures in Australia. Our team of highly experienced ophthalmic surgeons have performed over 60,000 successful laser vision correction procedures in Australia, and have trained over 400 surgeons throughout Australasia and South-East Asia in vision correction procedures

Hobart Eye Surgeons

From our eight fundraising offices around the world, to the projects in 37 countries that are supported by Optometry Giving Sight donors and sponsors, we are very passionate about the work we do. Sight is the most treasured of our five senses. We see the world and its myriad of colours and shapes through the windows of our eyes. We learn with them. We laugh with them. We communicate with them. We provide for our families with them. We see our loved ones with them. Sight can make the difference between a life of poverty and a life of opportunity.


By becoming an Optometry Giving Sight donor, you will be helping to transform lives through the gift of vision.

KeepSight is a new national diabetes eye screening program. It is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to prevent diabetes-related blindness by detecting problems early when they are treatable.

Australia has world-class optometrists and ophthalmologists, but many Australians with diabetes lose their sight because they don’t realise early enough that diabetes is affecting their eyes.

KeepSight will change that by making it easier for people to schedule regular diabetes eye checks. KeepSight’s goal is to reach the 600,000+ people with diabetes who aren’t having regular eye checks.

The program is led by Diabetes Australia and Vision 2020 Australia and is funded through a public-private partnership with matching funding from the Australian Government and industry partners.  Vision 2020 Australia is working with Optometry Australia to engage optometrists, encouraging their participation in the program.